Elite introduces the new 'DIRETO' - Interactive Hometrainer


Practical and efficient, ideal for targeted and effective training sessions, DIRETO sums up all the best features that a home trainer needs to have, for those who want to train indoors on their own bike and only want the best.

DIRETO is placed at the high end of the Elite home trainers range, alongside with the Drivo, currently the n°1 Elite home trainer. Both home trainers strive for absolute perfection, and Direto is a perfect product that translates into perfect training sessions.

One of the best things about this totally interactive home trainer is its integrated OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) power meter, which measures power with +/- 2,5% accuracy. DIRETO’s pedaling analysis option (available as an in-app purchase) measures power during the whole pedaling movement and sets 12 points that determine how much effort you put in your legs, so you can optimize your training session. The My E-Training software and app with pedaling analysis option (available as an in-app purchase) displays DIRETO’s measured power data on two different types of charts.

DIRETO also simulates challenging slopes, up to 14%, with a 1400 Watt power output at a 40 km/h speed.

DIRETO combines all the advantages of a professional instrument in an easy and intuitive package that can be used by anyone. The consistent training metrics it produces are key to satisfy the needs of those that want high quality data to guide their training sessions.

These are many of the qualities that set DIRETO at the top of Elite home trainers range. It’s a precise and very stable home trainer. Easy to use, transport and put back after use, DIRETO can be used at home or in the office. Now you can escape the daily routine by planning indoor training sessions.

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