Bianchi announce 'ARIA' - a fast performance-oriented aero road bike

Bianchi has announced the ARIA - a fast performance-oriented aero road bike. Built for lovers of speed, Bianchi say it's the perfect partner for your road challenges.

The ARIA development is an effort to extend the range of Bianchi aero road bikes with an all-new model based on a highly aerodynamic frame-fork system, equipped for any road race, and easily set-up for triathlon events.

To achieve fast rides from full aerodynamic performance it’s important that both the bike and the rider are as aerodynamically efficient as possible. Bianchi has fed the learnings from research and development across all ranges into new models, the ARIA’s advanced aerodynamic design has been heavily inspired by their extensive wind-tunnel testing and cooperation with Bianchi pro riders.

 The frame has:

- an Aero shape frame design
- BB set Press fit
86.5 x 41
- Internal cable routing
- Double compatibility mechanic and electronic groupset - Carbon dropout with metal insert
- Weight in 55 size:
1100g (+/- 5%)




For more information, visit: Bianchi ARIA page